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Burlington Baptist Church Annexe
Ipswich, Suffolk

Role: Planning, Design & Project Management

Scope: New Build

Client: BBC

Value: 31.1 million

OWL Architects were appointed to develop proposals for a large, three storey addition to Burlington Baptist Church in Ipswich, Suffolk. The new build Annexe would allow the church to increase the scope of its activities and enable the integration of worship, recreation and community work. Constructed with a steel frame for reasons of cost and time the building also has a number of less straightforward characteristics. It was necessary to make the new annexe structurally and spatially independent of the church for tax purposes yet still allow an easy transition between each. A basement also had to be constructed to accommodate an independent plant room that necessitated comprehensive underpinning. An appeal against Customs & Excise for VAT exemption accompanied and informed the design process and was settled in the church’s favour shortly before going to court.


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