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Headquarters / Production Facility
Challs International

Role: Architect, Principal Designer

Scope: Design, Planning and Production, Site Duties

Value: Undisclosed

Challs International specialises in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of cleaning and chemical products. OWLA were appointed to design a storage and distribution warehouse when a fire presented the opportunity of also designing new premises at Unit 46. The creation of a democratic building reflecting staff integration and a team contribution was as important as promoting a forward looking image of the company. Above all the building was not to be dull and is idiosyncratic in its use of corporate branding, employs a wrap-around panel system that can span the full height of the façade and introduces light and ventilation from above through connecting voids to mitigate a constrained site with essentially two dead aspects. The building achieves a BREEAM very good rating (exceptional was not possible given the parameters of the existing site).