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All Saints CEVAP
Newmarket, Suffolk

Role:†Planning, Design & Project Management

Scope: Extension and Alteration

Client: Diocese / SCC

Value: £550K

Under the SOR All Saints School in Newmarket, Suffolk was to increase its pupil admission by a further 60 children. In order to accommodate this increase in numbers OWL Architects designed an extension to provide two new class bases and an SEN room to the rear of the school. Ancillary to this the hall was enlarged and further alterations made to the circulation and toilet provision within the existing building. A difference in level across the site dictated the proposals were stepped and this directly affected car parking, external ramping and level access proposals. A highly insulated, prefabricated timber frame was used faced with brick cladding bearing a patterned subscription and very low levels of air leakage were achieved.

OWL Architects - Education - All Saints CEVAP Newmarket