OWL Architects



Borovere House
Alton, Hampshire

Scope: Planning

Client: The Greensleeves Homes Trust

Value: £1.5 million

Borovere House is large brick and tile hung property situated in Alton in Surrey that has been enlarged and extended in a fairly piecemeal way but still preserves much of its original character. Following an initial feasibility study proposals were initiated to achieve a number of aims including the creation of a dementia wing, additional residents’ rooms and a corresponding increase in communal and support areas. Some parts of the existing building are of substandard condition and together with a number of outbuildings are demolished to justify an aggregate increase in floor area. The proximity of adjacent properties to the east and a site constrained by trees was overcome by exploiting a natural incline across the site that effectively allows the ground floor to be sunk below the level of adjoining properties.

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