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OWL Architects - Commercial & Leisure - Buttermarket Shopping Centre

Buttermarket Shopping Centre
Ipswich, Suffolk

Scope: Completed

Client: Decembre Properties

Value: 650K

OWL Architects have been involved with a number of different projects at the Butter Market ranging from the fitting out of retail space, the construction of kiosk style rental units and alteration of the Mall Atrium. These works provide additional retail and circulation space but also give greater visibility to the shops that surround the Atrium. A series of cranked steel beams were proposed to support the new floor, centrally supported by a single post. In this way a series of arms extend out from the ceiling at regular intervals around the drum. This solution provided maximum flexibility and enabled the beams to be manoeuvred in a confined space. The existing lift lobbies were also enclosed and an independent stair tower constructed to provide fire separation.