Energy and Environment

OWLA strive to make buildings that perform as best they can on all levels. Sometimes however compromises are necessary to meet budget, statutory or operational constraints. OWLA actively try to exceed the thermal performance and air-tightness requirements of the Building Regulations as a starting point.

We regularly work in conjunction with M&E Engineers and Environmental Consultants both to satisfy planning obligations and to realise fully compliant, integrated and properly resourced buildings. Changes in the Building Regulations, energy codes and the policy of central government incentivises the creation of smarter buildings and provides the opportunity to honestly express something of their design and composition. OWLA support this approach not simply because it contributes to a low-carbon economy but because it plainly makes sense and enables greater energy security for all.

In the education, community and care sectors we have employed initiatives including solar generation, heat pumps and recovery systems alongside green roofs, passive ventilation and rainwater harvesting. In the commercial sector we have implemented integrated rain water harvesting systems, new generation battery storage and BMS. We otherwise adopt a low-tech approach to building systems and see factors such as high levels of insulation, prefabrication and the appropriate choice of materials as having a decisive impact on building performance, energy consumption and waste.