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OWL Architects - Care - Kingstone House

Kingston House
Calne, Wiltshire

Scope: Completed

Client: The Greensleeves Homes Trust

Value: Combined 2 million

The works comprised the extension of an existing residential care home in Calne, Wiltshire to provide a 60% increase in floor area and a dedicated dementia unit. Three new wings were added and parts of the existing building remodelled on a constrained site bounded by residential development on all sides. The additions were constructed to exceed the thermal requirements of the building regulations and are heated by air-source heat pumps serving a piped under floor heating system. Natural lighting is augmented by sun pipes in deep plan areas and opening windows are supplemented by a passivent ventilation system. Existing insulation levels were effectively doubled through-out the property and existing plant replaced by new condensing boilers and a fully lagged distribution system. Hot water provision is also enhanced by an array of solar collectors.