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OWL Architects - Education - Kite Media Centre

Kite Media Centre
Lowestoft, Suffolk

Role: Planning, Design & Project Management

Scope: New Build, Sustainable Design

Client: Lowestoft Enterprise / SCC

Value: £1.1 million

The KITE is a new build, multi-media building that shares facilities with the wider community and Kirkley High School in Suffolk. Accommodation is organised over two levels within a rectangular block fronted by a tower. The building both minimises its spatial impact and increases itís thermal and acoustic performance by submerging its lower storey below ground which opens into a double height foyer spanned by a connecting bridge. A highly insulated (earth bunded / high thermal mass) waterproof concrete structure supports a prefabricated timber upper level utilising breathing wall construction. Above ground the main body of the building is contained beneath an aluminium gull-wing roof. A passive ventilation system is employed using roof mounted fans and air ducted via iris dampers at low level contribute to the sustainability of the design. OWL Architects acted as lead-designer and project manager, obtaining planning consent and assisting in funding raising activities.