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Tree Tops Nursery
Lowestoft, Suffolk

Role: Planning, Design & Project Management

Scope: New Build

Client: Woods Loke Primary School

Value: £250K

Further to an outline planning consent (by others) the scheme was revised and optimised by OWL Architects to deliver a more forward looking ethos and to accord with a framed approach to construction driven by sustainable and budgetary constraints. The building is a self contained new build block situated in the grounds of Woods Loke school in Lowestoft, Suffolk and is designed to accommodate 20 children and supporting staff. It is naturally lit and ventilated and heated locally with a gas fired condensing boiler. The frame, cladding and joinery were all locally sourced contributing to low embodied energy levels and the roof was originally sloped on its southern aspect to accommodate solar collectors. The building was erected in a little over 20 weeks and capitalises on a fairly constrained site to offer a broad range of services in a simple and cost effective envelope.