OWL Architects

Residential: New




The Drift

Ipswich, Suffolk

Scope: Planning and Building Regulations

Client: TMS Construction

Value: Circa £2m

A mixed residential development on a windfall site off of Woodbridge Road in Ipswich, comprising fourteen 2 and 2½ storey dwellings arranged as a combination of terraced, semi-detached and detached houses. The site was brown-field, urban and bounded by a recreation ground (to which access was to be maintained) and the rear aspect of surrounding properties. Comprising a mixture of garages and private amenity land, the area was otherwise neglected and consolidation of various freeholds was an approach seen to be in keeping with the local planning authority’s view that development should be integrated rather than piecemeal. Regeneration of the site was therefore seen as of positive benefit to the local community.